A 1-week startup bootcamp and investor pitch event in collaboration with global partners.

ERA Global Explore is an immersive 1-week program for global startups with an interest in entering the US market.

Explore is based on three main components: pitch and business mentoring; workshop series and a pitch night with US investors, ecosystem leaders and partners.

Mentoring sessions consist of 1:1 meetings between each company and a selection of mentors from our 500+ mentor network. Examples of topics covered during workshops include, but are not limited to: fundraising in the US, understanding the sales process, pitching to potential customers/investors for real-time feedback, navigating the US immigration landscape, practicing the pitch with a master pitch coach etc.

Pitch Night: At the end of the program, companies will have the unique opportunity to showcase their ventures during an exclusive invite-only Pitch Night that attracts some of the leading New York-based investors and tech ecosystem leaders.

At the end of the week, we conduct an exit interview including a summary of key action points that companies should focus on moving forward as they plan their full expansion.




An immersive 12-week program hosted at the ERA office in NYC to accelerate global startups' market entry and expansion in the US.

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A free 6-week long, high-impact and educational online initiative that combines weekly workshops, 1-on-1 office hours and some optional assignments.

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