How long has ERA Global been doing this and who are the global partners?

ERA Global has been operating since 2015. Learn more about our global partners here.

What does ERA Global do for me?

ERA Global helps promising and fast-growth startups from around the world enter the US market through intensive US market entry acceleration programs, run at ERA’s offices in New York City. Beginning in May 2020, we will also offer an online program

ERA Global takes full advantage of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator’s deep expertise and large network of over 500 mentors and corporate partners, in helping talented founders change the trajectory of their businesses.

Our programs are designed to help companies with one or many of the following:

  • Product/market fit support
  • Branding, marketing, and sales in the US market
  • Fundraising in the US
  • Pitching to the US market

What is a typical week like during the program?
Our one-week programs:

The one-week program is based on three main components: pitch and business mentoring; workshop series and a pitch night with US investors, ecosystem leaders and partners.

Mentoring sessions consist of 1:1 meetings between each company and a selection of mentors from our 500+ mentor network. Examples of topics covered during workshops include, but are not limited to: fundraising in the US, understanding the sales process, pitching to potential customers/investors for real-time feedback, navigating the US immigration landscape, practicing the pitch with a master pitch coach etc.

Pitch Night: At the end of the program, companies will have the unique opportunity to showcase their ventures during an exclusive invite-only Pitch Night that attracts some of the leading New York-based investors and tech ecosystem leaders.

At the end of the week, we conduct an exit interview including a summary of key action points that companies should focus on moving forward as they plan their full expansion.

Our 12-week programs:

A typical week at ERA Global include but not limited to the following activities*:

Workshop Series

Mentors/investors from our network lead one-hour long instructive, interactive sessions on a variety of topics i.e. mobile user acquisition, branding, etc.

Fundraising Sessions

The ERA Global staff leads sessions focused on various aspects of fundraising.

CTO Roundtables

Relevant for CTOs, these sessions are led by our technologists-in-residence.

KPIs + Pitch Practice

Every week, companies report their accomplishments, their experiences and the resources they need to improve, followed by pitch practice. Eventually, guest mentor and investors will attend these sessions to provide feedback.

*Note that we look at our companies individually and we adjust and create a unique programming to address each company's needs specifically.

What does my lead mentor do for me?

Your Lead Mentor will be your main mentor and you will meet him/her twice a week for approximately one hour. Your Lead Mentor acts as an extension of your board of advisors, and together you set your goals, KPIs and milestones to hit. He or she also holds you accountable and helps you stay on track with your objectives.

What do mentors do for me?

Our mentor program is a crucial part of the program. Mentors are investors, successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, and corporate executives. We work hard to match companies with mentors that are a great fit for each of them. Mentors volunteer their time to work with companies and commit two to three hours per program. Mentors can provide feedback on the pitch, the business and/or product and share industry insights when it is relevant. Relationships with mentors and the companies develop organically, and there is no obligation or commitment from either party after one meeting.

Are companies required to locate in the ERA space?

Yes. We would like each company working out of our location in NYC during the program. For our model, we have found it is the best way for companies to move fastest.

Do you require a certain number of founders and/or employees to be based in New York?

While do not have a set number, most companies in our programs sends between one to three members. That said, we do expect that at least one member of the executive team to be present for 75% of the duration of the program. We also recommend having another member present for the entire duration of the program.

Are you looking for a particular stage company?

For our one-week long programs, our criteria selection a wider as we are looking for companies with strong teams primarily interested in launching their business in the US. However, due to the shorter and immersive nature of the program, we are focused on companies who are interested in exploring the US to test the market before committing to a full launch.

For our 12-week long programs, we are looking for companies with traction in their existing market(s). In other words, we look for strong teams committed to launching their business in the US, with a product that has been developed, launched and sold, and with paying customers.  

What types of companies can apply?

While we leave ourselves open to great entrepreneurs with transformative ideas, we have some general guidelines on company focus.

We look for technology-driven companies, those are the companies we can help the most.

Most companies in our portfolio are software or software-related in some way and may be either B2B or B2C-focused. We are industry-agnostic and generally, we have worked with companies in industries such as Mobile, FinTech, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Internet Of Things, Industry 4.0, MedTech, Digital Health, E-Commerce, Local, Media, Marketing, Ad Tech, Education, Fashion Tech, Real Estate, Logistics and many more. We consider all the business questions around the product business concept, product-market fit for the US market and the market size. Ultimately, we want to ensure each team we select is the right team for both business and product and is a good fit for us.

What are the partner benefits for the participating companies?

The benefits of the program  include:

  • The office space for 3 months (value of approximately $6,000)
  • Up to $120,000 of Azure benefits for 2 years from Microsoft
  • $100,000 in web hosting credits from Amazon Web Services
  • $100,000 in web hosting credits from Google Cloud Platform
  • $24,000 in web hosting credits from Softlayer
  • $10,000 in web hosting credit from DigitalOcean
  • $50,000 in payment processing credits from Stripe
  • Special legal benefits from Dentons Law Firm
  • Special immigration legal benefits from Kauf, McGuire & Margolis LLP
  • Special accounting services from Certified Public Accountants, JC & Associates
  • Free access to the SendGrid Pro 300K Plan
  • Free and discounted services from Shutterstock, WithumSmith+Brown, Trinet, Plaid, HubSpot, ZipCar, Plaid, MatLab, Simulink, RelateIQ, RJMetrics, InVision, FreshDesk, ZenDesk.

In addition to these assets, companies are immersed in a very rich mentor-driven program. Over 500 mentors are part of our network. Our mentors are successful entrepreneurs, who have sold or taken companies public; corporate executives at Fortune 500 companies; angel, corporate venture and institutional investors.

Will you raise money and/or find customers for me?

Firstly, one of the components of the program is preparing and helping you raise money from US angel investors, and VC’s if that is in your plans. We do sessions to help you create your pitch deck, prepare you to pitch and teach you how to raise money in the US.

Secondly, we recognize that sales is one of the top priorities for companies looking to expand into new markets. One of the key components of the program is preparing and helping you structure your sales processes, get the right tools to identify, qualify leads and close deals. While we do not actively look for customers and run your sales strategy for you, we will connect you to our extensive network of mentors. From past experiences, those connections have been influential in giving companies access to organizations that have in some cases become customers.

Can I travel during the program?

Absolutely. We understand that unexpected events might come up, related to the business or personal. However, we expect teams to notify us in advance, to ensure we take this into account when planning the program’s activities.

Do you book flight tickets for companies?

We are not involved with companies' travel arrangements and we do not book tickets.

Do you find space for companies to live during the program?

While we provide housing guidance, companies are responsible for securing and obtaining their own accommodation for the duration of the program.

Do you help me with my visa?

While we can connect you with our expert legal partners for immigration-related matters, each selected company is responsible for determining and independently obtaining any work visa that may be required.

Do you sign NDAs?

We do not. Much like VC firms, we hear too many ideas and see too many pitches to sign NDAs. That said, we are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the information companies submit to us during the application process and will not share it outside of our team. We know how hard founders work on their ideas.

How can I learn more?

You can book one-on-one office hours to meet with us.

More Questions?

Please reach out to us at info@eranycglobal.com

Learn about our progams
We run multiple 1-week and 12-week programs per year for companies depending on their needs.