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Karl De Beul

CEO and Co-founder of Hashting

Matti Niemistö

Co-Founder of Ranka Clothing (fka Fasciawear)

Tejesvi Mysore

Co-Founder and CEO of Chain Antimicrobials

Max Brustia

CEO and Founder of Doralia

Francesco Tirinnanzi

CEO and Founder of GardenStuff

Simon Joo

Co-Founder of Systec

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We match startups with the mentors who can best help them. Our group of 500+ mentors includes successful serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives, technologists, investors, industry and functional experts, - all committed to your company's success.

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Announcing our new ERA GLOBAL Insights Program

April 2, 2020

ERA Global

EXCLUSIVE: Announcing our new ERA GLOBAL Insights Programs

Most active VC fund per number of investments in NYC-based startups

February 25, 2020


Take a peek at the most active venture capital firms Ranked by number of investments in New York metro area-based startups: We are proud to be one of them

ERA featured in the list of the most active investors in angel and seed-stage deals worldwide in 2019

January 8, 2020


In VC pitch meetings, startups are typically expected to show a chart that looks like a hockey stick: up and to the right with an increasing rate of change. Because to be a startup is to play the game of growing fast and making things. Looking back at the last decade, it’s fitting, then, that the worldwide VC market accelerated as well.

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