Launching the Italian Trade Agency Global Startup Program Edition 4



February 12, 2024

ERA Global ( is extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Italian Trade Agency Global Startup Program Edition 4. 

Nine teams arrived New York City in mid-January to participate in the ERA Global focused on supporting their expansion to the US market. The in-person program follows a two-week virtual program in December 2023. After their arrival in NYC on January 15, they will participating in the eight-week program until March 8. 

On February 7th, the teams presented their products and vision for the US market to the ERA Global network at the official Launch Event, hosted at the Italian Trade Agency’s offices. The Trade Commissioner and Executive Director for the USA Erica di Giovancarlo opened with a welcoming address, and the Vice Console of the Italian Consulate in New York shared an institutional address with the audience. Managing Partner Murat Aktihanoglu shared his opening remarks and invited the founders to present. 

The audience had the opportunity to meet the teams during a networking session to follow the event. After making these new connections with ERA mentors, the teams will continue to focus on acquiring new customers, connecting with US investors, and securing partnerships. 

Read more about the participating teams below: 

Bindfire has developed and patented a new fire suppression system designed for the single extinguishing agent that complies with environmental regulations.

Butterfly Decisions offers a dynamic, AI-powered platform that revolutionizes decision-making processes with customizable templates for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, delivering de-risked outcomes by combining human judgment and machine learning. 

Clearbox AI provides synthetic data services to financial institutions to train and validate machine learning models to improve robustness and reliability of such models up to 25%. 

HrCoffee’s product Splash is a comprehensive people analytics platform.

LAIZY offers a community-driven library of expert-crafted AI prompts compatible with platforms like ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, and Midjourney. Users vote on prompts, enhancing the relevance and efficiency in diverse AI interactions.

Medlea delivers personalized digital twins for predictive lung health through a platform that analyzes multimodal medical data to provide general purpose diagnostics for oncology, COPD, and fibrosis.

Reair Global enhances indoor and outdoor air quality within buildings with an e-Coating system that is a transparent nanotechnology that is activated by light and air through photocatalysis and decomposes harmful pathogens. 

Small Pixels leverages generative AI to elevate the quality of video content with  a lower bandwidth for broadcasting companies.

Startgram simplifies the management of investments, cap tables, and stock options for startups The intuitive interface provides real-time access to capital structure information and provides more transparency and control.