Bi-Weekly Spotlight: Meet Beinday


Cheryl-Ann Charles & Iynna Halilou

April 19, 2021

Meet Beinday a Senegal-based tech startup that enables access to free wifi in public spaces in the West African region by creating geo-targeted digital content and collecting unique user data shared with Internet Service Providers and large brands — the primary paying customers. 

Beinday participated in our inaugural ERA Global Insights Program in the Spring of 2020. Upon completion of the program, Beinday went on to close large partnerships including with Eiffage Concessions to provide Wi-Fi in the rest areas of Autoroute de l’Avenir, one of Dakar’s largest highways. To continue serving their customers after the pandemic, Beinday implemented Wifi-Home dedicated to real estate agencies and owners of rental buildings. The team led by Orange Telecom veteran Magatte Sylla aims to improve the life of the African community through access to knowledge and information. Today with its free wifi, Beinday has a powerful vector of “Phygitalization” with a patent in 17 different African countries. 

The Beinday team is now raising a $1M Series A round to accelerate the growth of the business across Africa. 

Learn more about Beinday here.