Bi-Weekly Spotlight: Meet Rene


Cheryl-Ann Charles & Iynna Halilou

March 23, 2021

Meet Rene, a Travel safety health tool for businesses and travel agencies. Rene went through our ERA Global 14 Startup Program in 2019. 

After completing the program Rene secured major investment banking from Quake Capital and Nex Cubed. With the COVID-19 crisis affecting the travel industry, Rene has shown a hands-on approach and proven the importance of listening to the rapidly changing travel market. Throughout 2020 they were closely observing the shift in the travel space and concluded that while business travel was diminishing, leisure travel picked up. In order to address this, Rene shifted their focus from consumers to travel agencies in need of safety tools to serve their customers better. They also closed some strategic partnerships with players such as the leading travel agency, hotel and amusement park chain HIS International Tours giving the company access to a global customer base. 

The team, Atilio Spaccarotella CEO, along with Gustavo Lindenberg CTO and Paulina Szydlo Chief Product Officer has seen tremendous growth for 2021, hitting their monthly revenues goal, some press coverage on Forbes and is currently in the process of raising a seed round to expand its travel platform to a larger consumer base in the US.

More great news to come from Rene. In the meantime, learn more about Rene here.