Food Culture Lab announces new kimchi seasoning that can be used with any dish

Food Culture Lab

Baek Suwon

January 20, 2020

Food Culture Lab has announced the popularity of its Kimchi seasoning products in the United States.

According to Food Culture Lab: "We plan to introduce K-FOOD products such as kimchi seasoning in the US as well as offline channels."

Kimchi seasoning of Food Culture Lab is currently sold only on Amazon India, and Amazon in the US will be launched in February.

Food Culture Lab participated in the ERA program as one of the 10 finalist companies in the Global Acceleration Program for Young Entrepreneurs in 2019 supported by

the Small Business Venture Promotion Agency. Food Culture Lab introduced 'Kimchi Seasoning' in this program.
Kimchi seasoning is a kimchi-flavored powder product that can be used with any dish. It is a powder product and can be used naturally in the foods of local people.

Kimchi seasoning is vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-GMO. In addition, it is made with lactic acid bacteria so as to keep the nutritional value of the real kimchi.

“Kimchi seasoning has lactic acid bacteria, which is good for health and has a slightly spicy taste to enhance the taste of food" said Iynna Halilou, ERA Global Programs


Ahn Sun, co-founder and CEO of Food Culture Lab said, “We provided the product to ERA executives, and the reaction was so good that ERA offered to issue an internal promotion code for its network.”

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