The Fifth Edition of the Keihanna Global Accelerator Program’s Partnership with ERA Global



April 4, 2022

ERA Global is very proud to partner with Keihanna Science City, the second-largest technology and science center in Japan, and long-time partner ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International) to host the fifth edition of the US KGAP+ (Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus) Program.

For approximately 4 months, startups based in Japan and other countries launched their global expansion through KGAP+, the acceleration program by ATR. In mid-March, ERA Global hosted the specialized US segment of the KGAP+ Program. Five of the top participating KGAP+ startups were chosen to join ERA Global for an intensive week of pitch feedback sessions. To close out the week, the startups pitched virtually to the ERA Global network.  

Kazunori Saito, CFO and Co-Founder of iROBOTICS, said that even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, “this program gave us the precious opportunity to communicate with foreign mentors and investors.” Saito noted that he had previously held a “wrong understanding of pitching,” where he was focused more on introducing and explaining the company. Through the short but impactful program, he learned how to improve his diction and presentation structure to focus more on appealing to investors. 

ERA Global works with startups in a variety of industries, demonstrated by this most recent program.  See below to read more about the 5 startups: 

AMPHIBIO provides AMPHITEX, a waterproof, breathable material used in outdoor clothing that is 100% recyclable and does not require the use of toxic coatings PFC or PTFE.

Deep Learning Robotics provides a technology that enables a robot to learn and reproduce a task by observing a human performing it. This creates opportunities for automation that were not possible with conventional robotics solutions.

Dyze Design develops and sells extrusion heads for 3D printers that can print 9x faster than conventional printers. The heads can print thermoplastics, minimizing maintenance and downtime.

iROBOTICS provides comprehensive DX solutions for infrastructure maintenance by utilizing all kinds of technologies, especially robotics and AI. Their main services are micro-drone operations and spider robots.

OWO provides a haptic vest that allows you to feel video games, be part of the metaverse, become one with your avatar or movie hero, and interact with friends. OWO uses electrical stimulation to recreate a variety of haptic sensations.