Wrapping up the JETRO X-HUB Bootcamp Week - The Second Edition



August 26, 2022

ERA Global is thrilled to commence the JETRO X-HUB Global Startup Accelerator Program Edition 2, with a bootcamp week. This edition follows the great success of last year’s X-HUB program. 

Eleven startups, building in various industries, virtually participated in workshops and pitch sessions throughout the week. The founders worked on their investor and customer pitches and reviewed their approach to the US market through group sessions and 1-1 meetings with the ERA Global team. Founders shared with the ERA Global team that they are now able to better understand the NYC and US startup ecosystem, instigating keen evaluation in their product and market entry strategy. 

Throughout the week, the founders had multiple opportunities to pitch and receive feedback. The participants, especially later-stage startup founders, found themselves resetting their mindset, as if they were ‘back at square one,’ as they improved the clarity of their pitch, and thereby re-evaluated their product and business model for the US market. 

The main phase of the X-HUB program will resume in September, and a number of the participants will join ERA Global in NYC later on in the fall. With this strong beginning, ERA Global anticipates impressive growth and results for these startups. Read more about the eleven teams below.

Beatrust provides a talent collaboration platform, designed to accelerate autonomous collaboration within an organization. 

Blueqat is a quantum computing company that offers cloud systems and software development kits, primarily dealing with optimization and machine learning on applications 

Inforich’s product Charge Spot is a power bank sharing service active in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. The services are installed in public locations such as train stations, airport, amusement parks, and commercial facilities. 

Interdimension’s One OM One is a platform for users to find yoga instructors for 1-1 virtual classes, specialized for their needs or physical limitations. 

PJP Eye is a sustainable energy solution company that mass produces plant-baed carbon batteries called Cambrian™. 

RevComm offers a cloud-based software/storage which realizes timely and precise business decision-making. Their IP-phone powered by Revenue Intelligence Platform increases sales conversion rates while decreasing education and communication costs.

Sake G has crafted a premium sparkling safe “ICHIDO,” challenging both traditional sake and Champagne. The sake is 5x less acidic than wine, made with the finest ingredients, non-GMO rice and does not include additives or sulfites. 

Srust is a Saas product for R&D-oriented startups to find global talent through a matching platform. Startups can find full-time and part-time employees who are registered and vetted Ph.D students, professors, or corporate researchers. 

Standage is a digital trading platform that solves issues of sales channel development, negotiation, contract, settlement, and logistics necessary to establish a trading business for SMEs.

Toraru aims to eliminate the distance gap by connecting one individual to another around the world via high-quality video. 

Visual Alpha provides a software as a service (Saas) to institutional asset owners and asset managers for improved portfolio monitoring and reporting through cutting edge technology.