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Erik is an imaginative strategist with nearly 20 years experience building new markets, sales/partner channels, managing skunk works projects and building relationships across diverse partner ecosystems. Erik particularly enjoys breaking down the nuances of a business’ vision before building forward-thinking strategy, tactical execution and organizational adoption plans. This includes maneuvering startups into early product-market fit, while also setting up the pieces for repeatable and sustainable long-term success.

As a Co-Founder and Partner of the REFASHIOND OS (rOS) consultancy, Erik joined with a team of supply chain enthusiasts specializing in the discovery, vetting and agile orchestration of innovations driving the paradigm shift towards localized, sustainable, and circular demand-driven supply chains.

The rOS consultancy was born out of a need, surfaced by the REFASHIOND community (33k+ worldwide), to catalyze the collaboration between emerging technologies (BUILDERS) and the industry enterprises they look to serve (BUYERS). The rOS team believes that sustainability issues are globalized supply chain challenges wrapped in the camouflage of climate change. These challenges will require a collaborative approach to solve through hybrid global and localized supply chain models.

The REFASHIOND affiliated entities: REFASHIOND Ventures (early stage supply chain venture capital), The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation (#TWSCF) and REFASHIOND OS (boutique consulting)

Prior to rOS, Erik ran a consultancy to develop top-to-bottom sales and marketing strategies for international startups looking to break into the US from countries like Norway, South Korea and Belgium. Erik is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at ERA (Entrepreneur's Roundtable Accelerator), global program mentor and agile marketing advisor while staying very active in the New York startup community.

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