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Justin is a technology entrepreneur who has spent more than 15 years growing successful enterprise technology companies that have a focus on sales, product and marketing. Although primarily an operator, Justin is also an active investor who has backed startups with a combined enterprise exit value exceeding $1.2 billion.

Justin was CEO and co-founder of FunnelFire, a company focused on leveraging data to help salespeople and account managers improve the way they help their customers.

Prior to FunnelFire, Justin co-founded Instinctiv, a mobile media company acquired by Soundcloud. He also co-founded Linguaflex, a medical device for the treatment of sleep apnea currently in late stage clinical trials. Justin also helped lead the successful private-equity backed carve out and turnaround of Backstage, a leading B2B media portal for the performing arts community, where he led all sales, product and technology.

Justin holds an MBA from Cornell University.

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